Your Dog's Dental Health

Your Dog's Dental Health

Did you know that it is estimated that around two thirds of dogs over 3 years suffer from some degree of periodontal disease? This makes it the most common disease affecting dogs! 

Periodontal disease happens when plaque builds up and tartar forms. 🙅🏽
It easy way to prevent this, is chewing firm treats, simple as that!


Whilst many well known treats and foods are marketed specifically for teeth cleaning….what the don’t announce are the large amount of additives, fillers and questionable meat content that make these “teeth cleaners” an unattractive option for a daily treat…

As always, our natural treat table can help!
From bone products (feet, neck and tails were looking at you 👀) to tougher chews (tendons and skin!) which provide great entertainment for pup, contain great protein and no hidden nasties 🎉

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