Dehydration in Dogs and Cats

Why Moisture Is KEY in Your Dog & Cat's Diet.

Dogs and Cats, like humans, are around 80% water. Water is literally what creates life. 

Like wolves and other wild felines, these animals have a need for moisture in their diet.

Why moisture is important: 

- Blood is water rich. To ensure proper blood regeneration, moisture is key. 

- Water regulates body temperature. When it's warm and your dog pants, they are cooling themselves whilst losing water through their mouth. 

- Dogs and cat's noses need to be wet in order for them to make the most out of their sense of smell. And 25% of a dog's brain resources go towards their sense of smell. 

- Kidneys simply filter waste from the blood. A healthy, replenished blood stream is less likely to make the kidneys work harder. When kidneys start working too much, they start flaring up with problems. 

- If you are feeding commercial kibble, you will find moisture of around 5%. A higher quality kibble will contain 8-12% moisture. As nutrients are compact in kibble, water is needed to digest food. This is why dogs and cats tend to drink straight away after eating their food. 

- Chronic dehydration. As water represents such a high percentage of the body, chronic dehydration is a slow killer. Joints, bones and muscles will eventually suffer a lack of moisture in the diet. 

We could enumerate many more reasons why moisture is key to a healthy life, but we want to make some suggestions!

- Make sure fresh, drinking water is ALWAYS available. Even if your pet does not need it straight away, we should always make it available. 

- Consider adding some wet food if you feed dry food, but please READ THE BACK OF THE WET FOOD. We want to see recognisable, wholesome ingredients.

Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, maize...are NEVER okay. 

- Be creative! Things like healthy broths and ice cubes can keep them entertained and are great interactive activities. 

Add some moisture to your pet's diet. 


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