What should you feed your puppy?

What should you feed your puppy?

The early stages of your puppy’s life are crucial.

They do set the tone for a healthy life. There are various ways to feed your puppy, but they should mirror their ancestor’s nutritional ratios as much as possible.

It’s up to you how you feed your puppy, raw, kibble & wet…In any case, you want their diet to be as wholesome as possible.

As always, we will be reading the ingredients list for good quality ingredients. We will aim for:

High meat content (fresh chicken, free-run turkey, fresh beef, grass-fed lamb…).
Offal (liver, heart, tendons, cartilage…).
Bone (crucial for dental health, and part of their diet).


Avoid foods and treats filled with cheap fillers.
Account treats as part of their daily feed amount.
Use enrichment feeding to make them work more for their food.

It’s important that you trust how the food has been manufactured. Unfortunately, many dogs these days suffer from allergies derived from being exposed to bad ingredients, and once the dog develops allergies, it tends to cost a pretty penny in vet visits, skin rashes and worry.

We cannot emphasise the importance of reading labels and getting to know what is in the food you are feeding. You don't need years of studying to instantly see red flags. A packet can have all the great marketing it wants on the front, but the real information you need is in the ingredient list.

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