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What Are The 5 Animal Freedoms?

These principles are relevant and appropriate measures of welfare for any animal species and the task force tried to be mindful of them throughout the process.

Five Freedoms of animal welfare, ensuring that certified animals have appropriate space, lighting, air quality, food and water. These Five Freedoms are globally recognised as the gold standard in animal welfare, encompassing both the mental and their physical wellbeing. 

- Freedom from hunter and thirst: Animals should be fed and been given plenty of water in order to function. 

- Freedom from discomfort: Animals should have room to roam and live in spacious habitats. They should not be perpetually confined to a small living enclosure. 

- Freedom from pain, injury or disease: They should have access to veterinary care should they fall ill, they should be treated for pain & prevented from unnecessary injury. 

- Freedom to express natural behaviour: Chewing a bone, smelling freely on walks or being able to socialise with others are indispensable to their wellbeing.  

- Freedom from fear and disease: No animal should be made to suffer, or be afraid to live freely and without the threat of disease. 

We think these freedoms go a long way, so please treat animals well!

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