We Are Transforming Dogs.

We Are Transforming Dogs.

We are transforming dogs with good nutrition.

More and more people are joining our Feed Them Better movement. For many years, the pet food industry has lied to you on several fronts:

 ❌ Prescription diets is what they need. Truth: These foods have very poor ingredients when you look at the ingredients closely. Turn the bag of food and look at the ingredients!

 ❌ Tailored nutrition plans/breed specific diets. Truth: All dogs need a high protein, carb limited diet. These tailored diets include rice, wheat and other cheap carbs that are converted into sugar and end up stored as fat quickly.

 ❌ The cure for pancreatitis, obesity, yeast infections, most allergies, itchiness & other common diseases are steroids and endless courses of antibiotics. Truth: Needlessly feeding the dog over 50% carbs for months and years on end causes these problems (Dogs have 7 hormones to raise sugar levels and only one to bring it down)

❌ Dentastixs, gravy bones, toothpaste or breath ‘’sprays’’ are needed for their teeth. Truth: Raw bones are an essential part of your dog’s diet, when they chew them, tartar flies off their teeth & provides enrichment. Dogs have short tracts and battery acid-like gastrointestinal acid to dissolve bone in minutes.

We positively know that good nutrition improves health, coat, teeth, chronic dehydration, joints…and reduces vet bills by huge amount.

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Feed Them Better Movement.

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