Wainwright's Dog Food Review

Wainwright's Dog Food Review

We are looking at Wainwright's today. Like AVA, it is one of Pets at Home's own brands, so they will recommend it by default to customers. We are not interested whether people recommend it or not, we are interested in how good this food is. 

They are notable for changing the recipes and upsetting customers when this happens. If you think about it, these foods are made at huge scale, and sometimes ingredients have to adapt to supply chains.

When these supply chains change, so do their ingredients. We are always wary of this.

We looked at 5 different recipes, which enables us to give them a fair review:

- Wainwright's adult light. 

- Wainwright's dry puppy. 

- Wainwright's free run chicken with superfoods.

- Wainwright's free run duck with superfoods

- Wainwright's turkey and rice.  

As you can see from these recipes, they start pretty good but the ingredients deteriorate pretty substantially. 

For example, we don't think it's good to give puppies high quantities of brown rice, maize, barley and oats.

Like all dogs, what they need is a high meat, carb limited diet. Any carbs your dog consumes should be low glycaemic. 

Remember that carbs is what binds kibble together. 

Shop Dog Food. 

The adult light recipe is horrible, we would never recommend feed a senior dog 26% brown rice and 25% barley. As dogs age they require highly digestible meat sources, not vast amounts of carbohydrates. 

Their dry mature recipe is even worse, with the first ingredient being brown rice (35%).

Rice expands when you cook it, so this is pure filler going into your dog. the second ingredient is turkey meat meal and gravy (30%), followed by barley (18%).

They have a premium range, called ''Free run duck/chicken... with superfoods''.

The first couple ingredients are great! But the amount of carbohydrates is still pretty big.

They use vegetable stock instead of animal stock, potato protein instead of animal protein, a lot of white potato which is a very starchy carb. The price for this food is quite high when you consider the amount of filler. 

Pets at Home staff will point you towards AVA or Wainwright's as it's their in-house brands, and not for their nutritional value. 

Everything we sell is levels above this brand. 


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We were feeding our pup on TAILS dog food and thought we would give the wainwrights puppy food go instead. Poor pup had terrible stinking farts and runny poo constantly. This food is a welfare concern!

Vicki Yuill

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