The Truth About Breeder's Food Recommendations.

The Truth About Breeder's Food Recommendations.

We would love to think that all breeders fully understand canine nutrition but unfortunately that isn't the case.

We often hear things like: ''My breeder knows everything about this particular breed'' or ''My breeder has always had their dogs on X brand because it's the best for the breed''. 

These statements could be true, half true, or downright deceiving. 

Introducing Breeder Schemes. 

What are they? Deals on food for breeders, where some sort of discount will apply. 

A lot of the most popular brands have information on their website offering these deals to breeders. When you think about it, it makes sense. Feeding so many puppies for a few months can be expensive, so a percentage off the food might go a long way! 

You can check this yourself, go to your food brand and see if they have a breeder's program. 

As The Pet Quarter always tells the truth, we are compelled to tell you that not all these schemes are bad, or good, or mediocre. That's down to the quality of the food of course. 

There are many excellent brands of food that have such schemes, just like there are so many subpar brands that also offer them. 

So, how do you distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly? 

The Good: Ingredients are clearly labelled. Meat sources are clearly displayed (raw turkey liver, freshly prepared salmon, fresh duck). As dogs don't require them, the carbohydrates are kept to a minimum and are low glycemic, such as sweet potato and oats. 

The Bad: Ingredients are vague. Meat sources are pretty vague (fish meal, turkey meal, soy protein). A high amount of carbohydrates will be present, prevalently brown rice, rice, white potato, pea starch, wheat, or cereals. 

Even if the food is grain free, they will substitute white rice for white potatoes. 50% rice in a bag of food and 50% white potatoes for it to be grain free isn't better. It's just a marketing label designed for you to buy into the ''Grain Free''. 

The Ugly: Ingredients are hidden away and hard to read. Once placed, the first ingredient will be a carbohydrate such as: Cereals, Wheat, Corn, Rice...

The animal protein sources will be even more vague: ''meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives, oils and fats''. 

These foods should not be consumed by our pets, as they are the very source of most modern health problems. 

Some breeders will also tell you their own label is the best for a particular breed. You should ask yourself if from the thousands of foods available on the market, they have decided that none of them are good. Question their motives. 

We also know breeders who do not get into any deals, they do not want any discounts, believe in a food, and will act accordingly with their beliefs. But these are few and far between! 

So, before you blindly following your breeder's recommendation, please ask yourself the appropriate questions!

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