TOP 10 Worst Dog Foods Ranked.

TOP 10 Worst Dog Foods Ranked.


1. Royal Canin, Hills Prescription Diets, Purina Veterinary diets. ALL varieties.

Read on. 

A dog food that contains wheat, corn, rice, yeasts and parts thereof, animal fats, poultry by products, sugar beet pulp, maize…has no place in your dog’s diet (and we don’t care about what the vet might say). 

Their breed specific recipes are remarkably similar, the urinary, dieting, kidney, pancreatic and other formulas are essentially the same ingredients in different order. Why do some vets recommend it? It’s a business!

They are either not trained in nutrition, or they purposely deceive you into buying it. Poor ingredients, highly processed carbohydrates, refined sugars…

But wait, the vet says it’s hypoallergenic! Well, if rice, corn, yeasts and parts thereof…are hypoallergenic, everything is! Hypoallergenic has become a buzzword that people use without any meaning. 

Think about it, we could sell it and make more money selling these, but we simply refuse to do so. We put dogs before profit. 

Irrespective of the problem you are trying to address, there are way better options that going with those brands. Ask yourself why a carnivore would need so many carbs and poor ingredients. Madness. 

You don't solve pancreatitis by feeding ingredients that spike insulin levels, or make the dog lose weight by overloading them with wheat and rice. Kidney failure does not get cured by ''animal fats'', and so on. 


2. Skinners. Skinners Working Dog range. 

Skinners like to slap up a ‘’working dog’’ label on their bags of food, fill them with rice, whole wheat, ‘’meat meals’’, and sell it to people as ‘’Field and Trial’’ or similar. 

Feeding a dog copious amounts of refined carbs for long periods of time is a recipe for disaster and very expensive vet bills. Read the ingredients of Skinners and you will realise this is awful food. 

3. Pedigree wet and kibble. 

Please, do not buy this food. 47% cereals have no place in dog food. Only 4% chicken, 4% beef or 4% fish content is not enough for proper nourishment. 

4. Bakers. 

Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, oils and fats. Vegetable derivatives. None of these ingredients should touch your dog. Ever. 


5. Tails and other similar subscription ‘’tailored’’ diets. 

Poultry meal, poultry fat, poultry gravy, vast amounts of potatoes, maize, maize protein, meat and bone meal (what?). Companies spend all their money on fancy marketing and leave aside the most important thing…the ingredients! 

6. Rogue raw food suppliers. 

With its increase in popularity, some raw food manufacturers are taking shortcuts and liberties with the health of our dogs. We see people delivering raw food in vans with no freezer boxes, poorly labelled packages, poor ingredients, too much veg, too much bone, no quality control…

Before you feed a raw food, ask yourself…who is checking this manufacturer? Remember, if the deal is too good to be true…it normally is. 


7. Supermarket foods. 

Meat and animal derivatives, sugars, oils and fats. Cereals, wheat…Why bother with these? 

8. Harringtons.

Meat meals, maize, barley, rice…Mass produced foods that do not specify the protein will typically use the cheapest one at any particular time. This means that you won’t know what the dog is being fed. Is it chicken, beef, is it fish? what fish? We simply do not know. 

9. James Wellbeloved Grain Free. 

Whilst the ‘’and rice’’ at least is honest and lets you know of the use of a very cheap filler, the grain free version is particularly egregious and deceptive. 

They swap brown and white rice for pea starch, white potato and tapioca to make you pay a premium for 56% carbohydrates. This brand of food is not adequate in its current form. 

10. Lily’s Kitchen. 

A premium dog food cannot contain vast amounts of carbohydrates. Even if they are ‘’organic’’. Organic rice, barley, rice protein, oats…have no place in premium food. Paying £70-£100 for a bag of food should not mean paying over half for these cheap fillers. 

Lily’s kitchen was purchased by Nestle Purina some years ago. The quality has sadly dropped so much! 

We could stock this or that food, but won't out of principle. It's not good for your dog. 

We only sell foods that are good for dogs, shop them now for next working day delivery. 


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It would be just as useful if you were to list the 10 best dog foods!

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