Stay Away From This In Pet Food.

Stay Away From This In Pet Food.

Dogs are carnivores. This simply means that, given food options in the wild, dogs will always choose meat over plant matter. 

Dogs aren't designed to eat starches. They have sharp K-9s, carnassial teeth designed to crush bone and cartilage, short tracts and battery acid-like acidity to digest prey. In addition:

- They have no salivary amylase in order to break down carbs. 

- They have 8 hormones to raise sugar levels, and only one to bring them down. Overloading them with carbs leads to obesity, insulin resistance & pancreatitis. 

- They make their own blood sugar, and have little need for carbs. 

- They can synthesise amino-acids & vitamins via animal protein (like taurine, essential for cats). 

So why do pet food manufacturers put between 40%-70% refined carbs in your dog's food? The answer is price. 

Rice, maize, wheat, corn, barley, white potatoes, pea starches have little benefit to your dog's diet.

Rice and cereals expand when cooked and is then converted into sugar, barley gives men beer bellies and corn is the staple ingredient in fast food. 

If you feed your dog a diet of 40%-70% carbohydrates over weeks, months, and years, you will run into problems. 

Whenever you pick up a bag of food or treat, check for ''cereals, wheat, barley, rice, potatoes...''. These are cheap fillers you're paying for and the dog does not need. These ingredients will, overtime, lead to many health problems and hefty vet bills. 

A high meat, carb-limited (if any) diet is optimal for dogs. The teeth will be healthier, their coat will be shinier, their stools firmer, their activity levels won't suddenly spike and then crash...

In the short, medium and long term, your dog will thank you. 

What food to feed your dog? Pop in store and have a friendly chat! 

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