Should You Feed Gravy Bones?

Should You Feed Gravy Bones?


Gravy bones are a ubiquitous treat. People young and old feed them to their dogs every day. Big pet stores give them away, some vets have them at hand, pubs will buy some for publican's dogs, you can even find them in churches!

So, they are very popular, but are they any good nutritionally?

We have scoured the internet for different recipes, and they look very similar:

1. Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (1.5% Beef Meal), Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Minerals, Various Sugars.

2. Cereals,Meat and Animal Derivatives,Minerals,Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,Seeds,Oils and Fats,Herbs,Antioxidants and Preservatives

They are essentially junk. 

As a one off, nothing should happen. But overtime, especially if the dog has food sensitivities or problems, you will not be able to know what you're feeding the dog. 

Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, sugars and ''oils and fats'' should always stay away from pet food. 

Times have changed. Let's feed them better! 


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