My Dog Is TOO FUSSY, What To Do?

My Dog Is TOO FUSSY, What To Do?

My dog won’t eat (insert whatever you like), they’re too fussy!

Are they too fussy, or is there something else underneath? Let’s help this issue faced by many.

You see, I don’t like aubergines, and will very reluctantly add a few carrots to my Sunday Roast.

I also have many other foods available at hand, so I choose to eat what I like. Were I go without food for 3 days, I’m sure I’d have a feast on aubergines & carrots.

Same applies to your pup. Barring any intolerances or allergies, the dog will not starve.

Providing the food is good quality, and so are the treats, the dog needs to eat them. If the dog doesn’t, just take the bowl away and put it back down again for the next meal. If they are still not eating, take the bowl away and put it back down for the next meal. This might take a couple long days of them realising there’s no back up food and they will eat.


By giving the dog too many options you’re ‘’making’’ the dog fussy. If you are proactively trying to suit your pup’s preferences, they will actually drive you crazy, because just like kids, they love to push boundaries (and they will).

Dogs are actually smart in their own way. If they perceive you as ‘’weak’’, they will keep testing until you buckle. Be firm, put down quality food and give out quality treats, and use a little tough love.


- If you suspect the dog is getting fed goodies by other family members, have a chat with them. They should be helping you with the problem. 

- If you are feeding the dog anything else apart from their food because ''you feel bad for the poor little thing'', stop it immediately. 

- Cutting all other food supply over 3-4 days will make the dog eat. 

- Put the dog food down, if they don't eat within a few minutes or act up, take it away. Next meal, same procedure. If they won't eat still, carry out the same operation over the next 2-4 days. 

- Do NOT tinker with the food. Do not add water, or chicken, or parmesan, or anything else to the food. Many people feel sorry for the dog and they start adding all sorts of things to the food. Do NOT do it. Put down just the food, and nothing else. 

- It might take a ''pep talk'' with your family so you are all on the same page with regards to this issue. Be strict! 

Providing the food is of good quality, your dog should get everything they need from the it. 

Is your dog fussy, or are you giving out too many choices?

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