Is Your Grain Free Food Really Better?

Is Your Grain Free Food Really Better?

We have all heard it. Grains are a common source of intolerances and allergies in dogs and cats. First and foremost, your dog and cat have sharp K-9 teeth and carnassial back teeth that do not allow side to side movement which aid slicing meat.

There is little evolutionary make in their teeth that tells us they should be eating grains.

Most dogs are dry-fed for convenience. This has caused many bad actors to stuff kibble with cheap fillers such as rice, wheat, corn, maize…With pet health problems skyrocketing due to bad diets, these manufacturers have made grain free alternatives.

But, should you trust them?

Well, it depends. Swapping like for like isn’t really healthier, it’s just a marketing strategy.

If when you turn your bag of grain free food you find a lot of white potato, pea starch, lentils, chickpeas or tapioca, you are really no better off.

Swapping 50% rice for 50% of chickpeas, tapioca and white potato isn’t acceptable and will lead to the similar health problems in the long run.

So what should you do?

You should check the meat content, make sure you see great meat sources, and check for an excess of carbs in the food.

Sweet potato tends to be the preferred choice for manufacturers with a focus on health. But that does not mean you should go for a food in which sweet potato is the only carbohydrate.

The minefield can be indeed daunting, but that’s why we are here to help you choose the right food to ensure the long term health of your dog or cat.

Pop in store today!

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