Is Your Dog Too Hyper And Driving You Crazy?

Is Your Dog Too Hyper And Driving You Crazy?

A common question we have is whether we have any ‘’indestructible toys’’ or ‘’something that will last a long time’’ because their dog is too hyper.

This can actually be true. Certain breeds are indeed extremely active and might pose problems to you and your family.

Even more so when this is your first dog and you simply picked one that was cute or that your kids picked.

Here are some thoughts on very active dogs and what to do with them.

  • Understand what you have: If you have a working dog, and the dog does not do what they’re bred to do, you will have to find them a job or an alternative.
  • Activity: One can’t have an active dog, take them for an hour’s walk in the morning, and then wonder why they are destructive after a few hours. Dogs do not have set patterns like us. They will do something, then nap, then do something, then nap, then eat…Your 8h sleeping pattern or 9-5 job does not apply to your dog.
  • Mental stimulation: If you have a smart breed, and you do not provide mental stimulation, they will turn naughty, destructive, annoying and drive you crazy. You need to find interactive toys or activities that will provide this stimulation.
  • Your lifestyle: We recently had a lady in with a very destructive dog problem. She walked the dog for one hour in the morning, then worked all day from home, had dinner, and then sat to watch tv. The could not understand why the dog was being destructive later in the day. Your dog does not understand the difference between work and tv. They only see you sat in front of a screen in different places. If you do not interact with your dog and expect them to just sit there whilst you enjoy your tv after work, you won’t be pleasantly surprised. If you have an active breed, you are just going to keep on exercising them, mentally and physically.
  • Food: If the dog is on a high carb diet, their insulting levels will constantly spike and then crash, and then spike & crash again. Should their diet require any carbs, make sure their food either has sweet potato, oats, or vegetables. Dogs have zero dietary requirements for wheat, barley, rice, white potato, pea starch, or any other high glycemic carbohydrate.
  • Treats & Chews: What edible treats do you regularly give the dog? If your dog is very active, their desire to chew will be incessant. 
  • Training: If your dog’s behaviour is out of hand, you should seek a trainer so they can advise you.

We have a great range of interactive chews, toys and items that are perfect for your pup. Visit us today. 

Having a dog is a lifelong commitment. They adore you and you should, in return, provide them with the best life possible.

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