Is Your Cat Getting This Essential Nutrient?

Is Your Cat Getting This Essential Nutrient?

Cats are obligatory carnivores. They need meat to survive. Without meat, their health system deteriorates painfully, making the animal suffer unnecessarily.

Why do they need meat to survive? It’s simple. They need taurine to survive and thrive.

Taurine is an essential animo acid that they cannot synthesise from other amino acids. Without this essential gem, cats would struggle getting pregnant, suffer from heart failure, and their eyesight and hearing would deteriorate.

In short. If the cat does not get enough taurine, not only your vet bills will be through the roof, but they will suffer over their lifespan.

Taurine is present in fresh meat and other freshly prepared animal proteins, but is sensitive to high temperatures.

The main problem with modern cat food is the way it’s processed. Cooked at very high temperatures and then sprayed with sugar or jelly to make it more appetising, but with little nutritional value.

Cat food needs to contain wholesome, fresh ingredients in order for taurine to be then used by your cat for normal functioning.

It’s important you feed your cat the right food. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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