Is Raw Dog Food Safe? - The Answer Might Surprise You

Is Raw Dog Food Safe? - The Answer Might Surprise You



The Raw Proof study was a significant development in the debate surrounding raw food diets for dogs.

Here's a more detailed breakdown: Who was behind it? Honey's Real Dog Food, a company specializing in raw dog food, funded the study.

This can introduce some potential bias, as the sponsor has a vested interest in promoting the benefits of raw food diets. What were they trying to find out?

The study had two main goals: Nutritional Adequacy:

Could a raw food diet be formulated to meet the strictest nutritional guidelines for dogs, as set by the European Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF)? Health Effects:

Would dogs fed a complete and balanced raw food diet for an extended period (26 weeks) maintain good health based on the rigorous protocols established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)?

What did they do? Part 1: Formulation Analysis - Researchers designed a raw food diet recipe and conducted laboratory analysis to ensure it met all the FEDIAF nutrient requirements for adult dogs.

Part 2: Feeding Trial - A group of 23 dogs were fed the formulated raw food diet exclusively for 26 weeks. Veterinarians monitored their health throughout the study, including weight, blood work, and overall well-being.

What were the results? The study reportedly found that the formulated raw food diet met all the FEDIAF nutritional guidelines in the lab analysis (Part 1). In the feeding trial (Part 2), all 23 dogs reportedly maintained their weight and showed no signs of health deficiencies after being fed the raw food diet for 26 weeks. What are the limitations?


Sample Size: With only 23 dogs, the study might not be large enough to definitively represent the health outcomes for all dogs on a raw food diet. Funding Source: Being funded by a raw food company raises potential bias, and further research from independent organizations is needed for broader validation.

Specific Diet: The findings apply only to the particular raw food diet formulated for the study. It doesn't necessarily translate to the safety and effectiveness of all raw food diets available. Overall Significance Despite its limitations, the Raw Proof study is a valuable contribution because: It's one of the first large-scale studies investigating the nutritional adequacy of a raw food diet.

It provides some evidence that properly formulated raw food diets can meet dogs' nutritional needs and support good health. Moving Forward The Raw Proof study paves the way for further research on raw food diets. More studies with larger sample sizes and independent funding are necessary to definitively assess the long-term safety and health benefits of raw food diets for dogs compared to commercially available kibble.


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