How to solve your dog’s food intolerances. The Elimination Diet.

How to solve your dog’s food intolerances. The Elimination Diet.

How to solve your dog’s intolerances.

Has your dog has been having problems for a while, itchiness, IBD, IBS, sporadic diarrhoea…?

Please note we will only be talking about pruritus (itchy skin) caused by poor nutrition.

This accounts for the vast majority of problems with itchy skin in dogs. What causes nutrition-related dermatitis? Answer: poor diet choices.

When one buys a commercial dry food, not only you are buying a food with limited good quality, animal protein content. You are also buying a food that has been excessively processed.

These foods have been made by a process called extrusion:

Step one: take the ingredients. Meat meals (unspecified animals), meat and bone meals and additives that are all mixed and reduced to dust.

Step two: This hard powder is softened by high heat to soften it. This eliminates most useful nutrients.

Step three: dough is pressed through a small hole to create the dry food pellets. This process is also heated up.

Step four: Pellets are cooled and sprayed with oils, fats and sugars to increase palatability, as the pellets would be tasteless without them.

About 30% of your dog’s protein intake goes towards coat maintenance. If your dog isn’t getting a good amount of good quality protein, it will show up with dermatitis.

How can you select a good food that will not make the dog itch? Select a wholesome food.

Cut out all the garbage you would not eat, all the rice, the cereals, the barley in your dog’s food. Feed them well.

Keep it simple. One protein, no other treats, just the food. If the food works, slowly add other bits. If the food is still causing problems, change the protein but make sure the dog is only getting one single protein source at a time. 

If you have any questions, pop in store today.

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