Do You Switch Foods Too Often?

Do You Switch Foods Too Often?

There is a trend among some people which causes some behavioural problems in dogs.

As people treat their dogs more like babies (and they indeed are). But one has to be tough in order to be kind.

Oftentimes the dog will dictate how they want to be fed, and not the owner. They will start enjoying the good quality food we recommend, and they then start tinkering with it.

They add parmesan, bits of chicken or treats to the food. They feed the dog bits off the table.

This naturally causes the dog to change behaviour.

  • They start getting used to these ‘’extras’’ in the food. When they do not get them, they refuse to eat the food. When this happens, the owner starts compensating (or rewarding) this behaviour with more ‘’new and exciting’’ things.

This, in turn, makes the dog think that if they do not eat their food, you will add anything to make them eat the food.

You then think it’s the food that’s actually the problem. So you switch.

The dog gets so excited because this food is new.

After a while, you start adding bits to make the food more ‘’exciting’’.

You know how this ends, right? You switching the food once again and going through this circle once again.

Providing the food is of good quality, and unless YOU want to change the food, you should not add any bits to it. Having said that, it’s good to sometimes switch the flavour your dog has. Different proteins have different vitamins. So a little variety is good.

What to do:

Be strict. Very simple. If they don’t eat the food, there is no alternative.

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