Best Dog Food For Small Breeds. All You Need To Know.

Best Dog Food For Small Breeds. All You Need To Know.


Choosing the right dog food for your small pup can be a daunting task, but worry no more, we are unbiased nutrition specialists and we are going to tell you how things really are. 

What are dogs meant to eat, anyway? Well, you should try to replicate the 80-10-10 whole prey ratio. 80% of the dog's diet should be meat, 10% offal (5% liver) and 10% bone. Those ratios can move around and aren't set in stone. 

When choosing a brand of dog food, puppy, senior, or ''hypoallergenic'', the most important thing you need to do is read the ingredients. 

Ingredients to avoid: wheat, barley, corn, soya, rice, meat and animal derivatives, animal fats, sugar, meat meal. 

Why? Well, we want our pets to have good quality ingredients that will mimic the whole prey ratios. Corn and wheat gluten aren't great for us in big quantities, let alone our dogs. 

Best Dry Dog Foods

Whether you choose a dry dog food, a wet or raw dog food. Ingredient quality really does matter. 

Best Raw Dog Foods

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