Allergy Tablets For Dogs. What You Need To Know.

Allergy Tablets For Dogs. What You Need To Know.

Dog allergies are on the rise. It's important you understand the causes for allergies so you can determine if allergy tablets for your dog are the right course of action. 

It can be the case that after reading this you can save money. 

There are 3 sources for allergies:

Nutrition: One or more ingredients are causing your dog to have a reaction. 

Typical causes are poor quality ingredients in pet food. 

What to do: Read the ingredients for everything you give the dog. Remove wheat, barley, gluten, sugar, cereals, meat and animal derivatives, meat meals and other vague ingredients. Put the dog on a single protein food. 

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Just like humans, during certain seasons dogs can be allergic to pollen, dust mites, sand, grass or other environmental factors. 

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Breed Specific:

Overbreeding, not following the right lines or having a breed that's prone to a specific health issue (Westies and pancreatitis, Dalmatians and kidney disease...). 

In any case, you are much better off following strict dietary instructions. 

Allergy tablets work by suppressing the immune system, but they do not solve your issue. 

Apoquel or allergy steroids should be a temporary measure to the problem, not the solution. 

Why you should ignore veterinary diets. 

Whenever the veterinarian industry recommends something something from Purina, Royal Canin or Hill's, what they are doing is making the problem worse. 

You only have to look at the ingredients and you will see sugar, wheat, barley, corn, animal fats and vague ingredients. 

There are 2 problems with ingredients like those, one is they cause inflammation.

The second one is that they are vague. 

If your dog is allergic to something, and you don't know what it is, animal fats is only going to promote the uncertainty of what's going into your dog. 


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