A Halal Pet Food Company? Hurayra Halal Pet Food Review

A Halal Pet Food Company? Hurayra Halal Pet Food Review

A Halal Pet Food Company?

Hurayra Halal Pet Food understands that your pet is a treasured household member. Their dedication to pet well-being translates with their first launch of delicious cat food formulated to meet the strictest halal standards.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition for Optimal Health Hurayra halal cat food is available in three enticing flavours – tuna, ocean fish, and chicken – and prioritises cat health with complete and balanced nutrition.

Rich in protein and free from artificial additives, colours and preservatives, it promotes healthy digestion and overall well-being. For kittens in their crucial developmental stages up to 1 year old, Hurayra offers a specialised formula high in protein to ensure proper, healthy growth.

Finding a UK-based producer that met their stringent halal standards proved challenging.

Therefore, Hurayra extended their search and discovered a perfect supplier in Malaysia, a country renowned for its long history and rigorous regulations governing halal food production.

Aihtsham said: “Ultimately, I have to see the process, met some people, seen how it's all done. “Halal doesn't just mean you know slaughtering an animal in a specific way it's the full process from the beginning to the end, everything needs to be halal.” He added: “Alhamdulillah everything's falling into place.

Now, it's a matter of getting the product out to the UK and beyond and providing the public and the Muslim public something which is fresh and better for your pet.” Hurayra:

A Name Steeped in Respect for Cats The company's name, Hurayra, pays homage to Abu Hurayra, a close companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) celebrated for his profound love for cats.

Abu Hurayra, also known as "The Father of Cats", earned this title due to his unique bond with felines. Derived from the Arabic word for "cat," the name Hurayra reflects not only their respect for this historical connection but also embodies their core mission – the well-being of all cats.

A Halal Pet Food Company?

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